Sunday, November 14, 2021

Nine Years War submod update

 Some updated unit previews for the upcoming Nine Years War submod.

Unit names in order: Hohenlohe Regiment, Venetian cuirassiers, Spanish-Milanese dragoons in Venetian service.

The Hohenlohe Regiment were a German regiment raised by the Count-Prince Leopold Friedrich of Hohenlohe in 1691. The regiment had 10 companies of musketeers and 1 company of grenadiers, I will include grenadiers from this regiment in the upcoming release of the Nine Years War submod. In 1694 there were 2 other German units in Venetian service, include the Bayreuth Regiment and the Waldeck Regiment. The Hohenlohe Regiment was among those sent to the Peloponese in the Morean War of 1684-99. Venice was not a participant in the Nine Years War in part because of this. France was the main provider of Venetian artillery prior to the Nine Years War, and the fact Venice was surrounded by the Austria, the Spanish controlled Duchy of Milan, its German state allies, and their Italian ally the Duchy of Savoy also ensured it would not get involved on the French side. 

An ealy 18th century tapestry shows Venetian cuirassiers still wearing the three-quarters armor that was already obsolete by this time. There appear to have been at least two cuirassier regiments, one with red cuffs and another with blue cuffs. One of them was called the Girona regiment. The cuirassier below is based on a picture I found of a Venetian cuirassier from 1685. It appears they sometimes wore helmets, but perhaps not always, based on the image, In the tapestry however, they are wearing helmets so I may include both helmeted and non-helmeted cuirassiers for this faction.

Venetian dragoons at this time looked very similar in style to their French counterparts. Venetian dragoons wore red coats with yellow facings, while Spanish and Milanese dragoons in Venetian service wore the opposite. Both wore French-style dragoon caps, very close to English grenadier caps.

Hohenlohe RegimentVenetian CuirassiersSpanish/Milanese Dragoons (Venice)

Austrian Dragoon regiments Left-to-Right: Sodenau (or Saurau depending on sources) regiment, Lowenfeld Dragoons, Jorger-Herberville Regiment and Wurttemberg Dragoons. I've given them the "Steinkirk-tie" that was popularised during this war. Interestingly, there were Wurttemberg Dragoons in both Spanish and Austrian service during the Nine Years War, and they appear to worne the same uniform, though the tie may have been white in the Austrian case, and black or dark grey in the Spanish case. The Duke of Wurttemberg raised troops for Spain and for Austria as part of the subsidy system, whereby great powers such as Austria, Spain and the Netherlands subsidised smaller states (usually German) to provide regiments to serve in their armies. Both Wurttemberg Dragoons regiments appear to have served in Northern Italy during the war.

Sodenau/Saurau DragoonsLowenfeld DragoonsJorger de Tollet/Herberville Dragoons 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Nine Years War Submod Preview

I'm working on a Nine Years War submod for Empire Total War, covering the conflict between Louis XIV and the Grand Alliance. (NB you can click on an image to enlarge.)

Some generals in this period wore a cuirass under their justaucorps. A portrait exists of John Churchill, later Duke of Marlborough, doing so. In contrast, Electoral Max II Emmanuel of Bavaria is depicted wearing a cuirass over it. Still others are depicted wearing corselets. Here is some of my work on the three types of general. NB The generals bodyguard models are not done yet and will change from the ETW originals. The last one is Spanish and based on the research of the Count of Clonard in the 1850s. Some Spanish generals seem to have worne purple, but no country had a general's uniform per se at this time (Saxony introduced one only in 1733). So I largely relying on portraiture and paintings of battles as a source. The generals are also replaced on the campaign-map models.

General in corselet
Dutch general
Spanish general

According to Anton Hoffman's plates in Army of the Blue King, officers of the Bavarian infantry regiments wore reverse colours at the start of this war, as well as a cuirass. The pikemen in this army were already abolished in 1687. Below is a work in progress on the officer of the Steinau regiment. Army of the Blue King says that the tricorne was already used by this stage in this army. The dragoon on the right is from the Red Regiment, which is mentioned in Army of the Blue King as one of at least two dragoon (mounted infantry) regiments (the other one being the blue regiment, which is also in the forthcoming Nine Years War release).

Steinau Regiment and officer
"Red" Regiment of Dragoons

For the Austrian dragoons, I am relying largely on the Xenophon website, which indicates they tended to wear blue or red coats, often with red shoulder ribbons which were the ancestors of the epaulets. Below left to right are: Batt Regiment,  Vaubonne Regiment,  Lowenfeld Regiment and Jorger (Herbeville) Regiment . Xenophon shows a Lowenfeld dragoon regiment wearing red coats with green cuffs, but also a regiment of the same name with green coats and red cuffs. This raises the interesting question as to whether or not there was more than one regiment by this name, or whether - at a time when uniformology was less consistent than in the 18th century - both were used. For the time being I'm going with the redcoats. It is also known that in Montecucoli's time as general, Austrian dragoons wore redcoats, so this could be a continuation of that tradition.
Batte Dragoon Regiment
Vaubonne Dragoons
Lowenfeld Dragoons
Jorger (Herbeville) Dragoons

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Colonialism 1600AD - 1600s mod for Empire Total War

Colonialism 1600AD is a 17th century mod for Empire Total War (PC)  first released in 2014. The mod reflects the changes from diverse to more uniform military dress, the decline of armour, the transition from arquebus-to-matchlock-to-flintlock muskets and from pike to bayonet. To play you will need the original  Empire Total War (PC) game. Installation instructions are below after the screenshots.

Some screenshots. Many more here.

Earl of Baths Regiment, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Earl of Bath Regiment (Late)

French Gardes Francaises, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
French Gardes Francaises (mid-to-late century)

Litowczycy (Poland-Lithuania early), Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Litowczycy (Poland-Lithuania early)

Foreign Autorament (Poland-Lithuania), Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Foreign Autorament (Poland-Lithuania)
Russian General, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Russian General
French Cardinal's Guard, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
French Cardinals Guards

Paris Governor's Guard, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Paris Governor's Guard
Earl of Argyll's Pikemen, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Earl of Argyll's Pikemen

Gendarmes de la Garde, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Gendarmes de la Garde

Scots Highland Archers, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Scots Highland Archers
Russian Feudal Cavalry, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Russian Feudal Cavalry

Spain Reformed Cuirassiers, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Spanish Reformed Cuirassiers

Russian Arquebusiers, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Russian Arquebusiers

Russian Feudal Arquebusiers, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Russian Feudal Arquebusiers
Colonialism 1600AD Empire Total War mod
French Light Pikemen (early)

French Heavy Pikemen (early) Colonialism 1600AD Empire Total War

Swedish Red Regiment, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Swedish Red Regiment (early)

New Campaign Map Models, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
New campaign map models/flags
New Campaign Map models, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
New campaign map models

Polish Generals campaign map model, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Polish Generals campaign map model

17th century loading screens, Colonialism 1600AD, Empire Total War mod
Period loading screens

To install. Download from here and follow installation instructions:

1.Place user.empire_script in C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts. Delete the previous scripts already located there first.

2. Place Col_loc_en, Col_models, Col_ui, colmod, Colo_events, Pikeman_animation_MOD, and patch_general_andy's_musket_sounds in the Data folder. The Data folder can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Empire Total War\data.

3. If "new.pack" is in your Data folder, delete it.

4. Download the crashfix from the Addon section and install in the Data folder over the existing Col_models.pack.

5. Next place startpos.esf in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Empire Total War\data\campaigns\main. Now start Empire Total War as normal through Steam. Do not use Modmanager as this may prevent the faction specific generals from working. It is very important that you only install the patch after you install the core mod files. If you have new.pack from the previous installation then make sure to delete it so as to avoid crashes.